Saturday, February 21, 2009

Reasons Not to Ride on Ice

Icelandic Horses Fall Through Ice Video

We do not support demos of Icelandic Horses riding on ice, either on rivers, lakes, rinks, or arenas. It is too dangerous, and may be detrimental to the horse's long-term soundness.

If a child tries this, we may lose the child and the horse.

Think about it. Just because it may be done in Iceland, does not mean it is right, or good.

Pounding the horse's metal shod foot against the hard ice must be uncomfortable, if not painful to the horse. Additionally, there is the problem of the ice nails grabbing the surface and interfering with the normal action of the foot to slide into place, and putting torque onto the hocks.

Please. Put your thinking caps on!


Unknown said...

Hello just for the record dry earth road sandy road is harder then thick ice or ice patches especially on a sunny day.Its probably rare with accidents more likely to happen on grass or quick sand but lets hope all horses are safe.

Unknown said...

I believe also the YOU (IceRyder) should put a thinking cap on before you say "No horses on ice". Have you ever been riding on ice? I have. I live in Sweden where ice is reality during winter. And I don't just mean on lakes, it is everywhere. According to you we should keep our horses in the stables all winter? Not have them outdoors at all?

With the proper equipment and knowledge it is perfectly safe to ride on ice. And the argument that the "ice nails" limits the movement of the hoof... well let me put it like this: I have never seen ice which do not break a little as the horse walks. As for the argument not to ride on lakes, it is just like with iceskating: you need to know that the ice holds first. In northern Sweden there are "ice roads" during winter, when such a road is open I dare say it is safe to ride on it ;)