Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fighting the Bit

This horse is fighting the bit from the first step to the last.

At what point is someone going to do something about it?

Is the horse supposed to put up with the pain from the bit? the hands?

Is the horse supposed to get used to it?


noctemare said...

Maybe if you spoke the language you'd understand what they're trying to accomplish. I don't speak it either, but I do know that Icelandic riding style, the horses have their heads up and 'chew' at the bit often.

noctemare said...

So I went out and did a bit more research. Being a dressage rider, I, of course, would never think about this kind of frame. But I guess, if you see an entire culture doing it, you sort of accept that perhaps that is how the horse naturally goes, right?

So it appears that there are a lot of soundness issues retarding horses that are rode in that type of frame, and it makes a lot of sense from a dressage perspective why.

So other than my comment up front.. I agree with you now.

Thanks for the info!

lucy said...

Pitiful, pathetic, BAD HORSEMANSHIP! Can't understand a word he's saying buy do speak horse pretty well. What a sad and sorry shame. As for the dressage comment below, well, I've watched you all OVER COLLECT the horse to the point of stupid, watched you over face, ride the head, pull WAY BEHIND the vertical, manhandle, and bully the horse to the point of cruelty and I do mean OFTEN. Get over yourselves. You've got no right to say much about this horse's frame. Extreme frames are your thing these days. I ride a multi-gaited mare. She's awesome. I DON'T RIDE HER HEAD! In fact, we go TOGETHER. She likes to see were she's going and I like that too. We talk, back and forth, all the time we are moving. She has no noseband, no curb chain and a plain snaffle bit which is HER'S to put where she likes it to sit. Hum........we must be weird. Or, maybe not. We seem to do rather well. She trots round, she canters round, and she outruns TB's. Warmbloods, forget it. They can't keep up with us. Not much can. She's 15 years old btw. She's BUFF! Well, she's a *gaited* horse and there you go. These people riding these lovely Icelandic horses do not deserve them and that's a fact.

lucy said...

Gees, I watched this again and no way this gait is smooth. All I have to do is look at the rider's seat to see that perfectly. Get out of that horse's mouth! LOSE THE BIT FROM HELL AND WHATEVER THAT CONTRAPTION IS THEY HAVE HOLDING IN THE MOUTH. If you need a contraption like this to keep the horse from spitting out it's bit then you have very serious problems with your own. Address them before you get near another horse; PLEASE! Makes my teeth itch to watch this. Not a true flying pace in most of it. Maybe not supposed to be. Can't understand the language but it's not a saddle rack, true rack, or flying rack but is it a stepping pace? It's a mess, that's what it is. It goes from one foot fall support to a different foot fall support with no ryme or reason that I can see. This horse is miserable. No wonder he can't get it together with his gait. Poor fellow and he's so pretty too. I'd take him in a heartbeat. He's tring to please but hasn't a chance in H*ll because of the genius doing the talking (I suspect) and his young rider (student?). YUCK!