Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Pony?

Is this a happy pony (Icelandic Horse)?

Check out his head and neck in the trot.

He's behind the vertical.

Is this a good or not-good thing?

Check out the horse's tail.

What is he saying?

How much contact is required to get gait?

Is the horse fighting the bit?


Bonden said...

Nice post! And it's nice to encourage other people to THINK!

There is a lot of resistans from the horse and force from the rider. It is very obvious and the horse flings its tail a lot to show this. It also show it in facial expression, as with the ears and eyes (though hard to see eyes here)

Perla Kamilla said...

I'll have to say that it looks like this horse is happy, atleast I didn't see any signs that it's not allthough I'm no expert. An unhappy horse does fight more than that. When I pull to hard my horse lets me know by shaking his head alot and pulling against me.

Just one thing Icelandic horses are called Icelandic HORSES beacause that is what they are, they are not ponies ;)